Our Story

is an annual event by ep+ Intrinsic Care, a marketing pillar of the EP Plus Group. This is our avenue to bring our customers and some experts from within and beyond the pharmaceutical industry together, to nurture cross-industry connections and networking for knowledge sharing.

offers a strategic business connection, which aims to connect our customers from the retail to:

  • Established European brands with assured quality (scientifically validated & good safety profile)
  • Latest clinical updates and best practices
  • Strategic (shopper & customer) communication platforms

Our commitment and support are offered to you through a value-added, refreshing and experiential way, the EP Plus Way. These are developed and delivered to you via the three strategic platforms:

  • Intrinsic Connection - our yearly signature event
  • intrinsicLAND - a fun and interactive way to deliver the key brand messages
  • Intrinsic Academy - A learning and development institution, which engages with experts to develop practical learning modules for our valuable business partners

We focus on nurturing cross-industry connections and networking for knowledge sharing.

We launched Intrinsic Connection successfully in 2017 with a high turnout rate and encouraging feedback. Intrinsic Connection is not only our signature event, but a unique marketing platform that allows us to connect with our customers (trade), and to connect them with the experts within and beyond the industry. It is helping to pave the way for business accelerations and expansions.

We believe in navigating to the next business frontier, together!

Tse Ming
Founder & Group Managing Director
EP Plus Group